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“At Etnia Barcelona we craft our story through our work with the legends of the world of art and photography”

Etnia Barcelona use the highest quality mineral lenses. Etnia Barcelona polarised lenses offer a special filter to avoid dazzle. They block troublesome glare while allowing the “good” light to pass through. Clear sight with natural colour and contrast. Highly recommended for driving and snow or water environments as they help eliminate the glare of the sun reflecting off horizontal surfaces.The very best visual experience in the world, completely scratchproof.

The inspiration behind the design of the new models is the current trend of reARTing.

In Nicolaides Opticians stores you can find the full collection at Etnia Barcelona brand. You can visit one of our shops in Limassol-Nicosia-Larnaca to see our collections in sunglasses and spectacles and try them out.

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